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Permissions in SharePoint libraries (2013 version)

=REPT(“Use the Search, Luke”,100500)  Typical scenario: your users demand stricter security in document libraries and your admins don’t want to remember/maintain individual ACLs on files because it’s error-prone, performance-heavy (if one is using object model or CAML against it) … Continue reading

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What does it take to become CEO of Microsoft

Many people mistakenly believe that every good subordinate who can manage large numbers of people in large projects can become good or great CEO. Responsibilities of CEO of Microsoft and responsibilities of someone in charge of one of 5 business … Continue reading

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Investment strategy for CY2013 – medium to low risk

Disclaimer/Disclosure: This post is not about convincing folks to dive into Microsoft investment. I am using it as an example simply because I personally believe it will work for this particular company since I’ve been following it very, very closely … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Don’t send your kids to college? Lots of interesting points – but what should 18 y.o. do during those 4 years otherwise? Work? Where? Opening business sounds like a good idea – but what kind of service does one know at tender age of 18 … Continue reading

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С первого по тринадцатое

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Инструктаж по технике безопасности

Поскольку я не только выпивоха, графоман и разгильдяй но и скользкое, бесхребетное, вечно виноватое существо (то есть, менеджер среднего звена), меня тут обязали провести инструктаж по технике безопасности. Потому вечером и ушло в почту буквально следующее: "Дорогие подчиненные. В очередной … Continue reading

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